Our Windshield Bargains

Our well known Windshield -manufacturer GIVI, PUIG, MRA and National Cycle or ZTechnik (exclusiv for BMW) manufacture many different types and shpaes of Windscreens, to satisfy as much needs as possible of the different motorcycle riders when it is about Windshields.

The italian Windscreen -manufacturer GIVI names his Windshields usually just Screen or simple Windshield. There are only two exceptions, these are the special shapes Airstar and Airflow.

The most known names or shapes of the manufacturer MRA are Touringscreen, Varioscreen and Racingscreen. Not that much known are the special windshield shapes Variotouringscreen, Spoilerscreen and Sportscreen, which is of course due to the variety of windscreen names and shapes. Other MRA types are Customshield, Roadshield, Highwayshield, Arizona up to Original Shape Screen, Racing-Screen for Naked-Bikes, Speed-Screen for Naked-Bikes to Touringscreen Arizona, Varioscreen for Naked-Bikes, Varioscreen Maxi, Vario-Touring-Screen for Naked-Bikes and even more up to the brand new X-CREEN, which will be developed at the moment by MRA whiches makes the Motorcycle -Press marveling.

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