Racing-Screen for Naked-Bikes

MRA Racingscreen for Naked Bikes

In our online-shop you can acquire a Racingscreen for naked bikes. It is not only recommended for the motorsport. This MRA-screen makes its shape so special and gives it a sporty look. In the lower part it corresponds to the original screen, while you can find a raise in the middle like a dome. On some models of racing screens for naked bikes are air boxes. These help to aerodynamic advantages and an improved stream flow.

For an optimal wind protection for your respective motorcycle -, scooter - or quad bike model ensures different windshields in our shop. You can next to size, colour and shape also choose between the manufacturers. We have products from National Cycle and its sub-brand ZTechnik, which produces windscreens for BMW - motorcycles, on offer. Also GIVI and MRA deliver quality products, as well as PUIG.

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